paolo romani


The Future Of Photography

It is not easy to predict the future in a time like this, when any electronic device is made obsolete by a new model the following week.
It is in one of these new models of electronic camera, just put on the market in 2011, that I found an innovation that inspired me to experiment.
The camera is the Nikon COOLPIX S1000pj.
The innovative feature was a double function to preview the image just taken.
The double feature consisted in the typical display in the back of the camera, as all the cameras have, plus, you could also project it onto a white surface or wall.
The ability to project the image onto a white surface made me think of a potential enlarger. So I explored the idea, weighing all the factors and difficulties that could be encountered and I launched myself in the research experiment.
Substitution of the traditional enlarger with the electronic camera.
Filtration of the image with a neutral gray to ease the light of the projector.
I obtained the first image in August 2011, after adjusting time-frames and filtration appropriately.

Then, I proceeded to experiment further with artistic prints.

The artistic photography of the future will be a HYBRID.
Shots taken utilizing the latest electronic technologies, manual prints from the dark room, hence removing all limitations imposed by computer software. Should a foresighted manufacturer were to produce a camera that was predisposed to perform these functions, therefore enabling all the “post-shoot” functions, there would be a rush to purchase a “photography kit”, consisting of camera, print paper, developing chemicals, and bleach –fixing then we can return to an authentic color photography.

As you can see from the images sampled here we can go back to the “Pictorialists” of the ‘800s, but in color


Follow these images because they are the summary of the proceedings of color printing by one click electronic paper Ilfochrome positive / positive and chemicals development, bleaching, and fixing.

The following images are creative prints of the same frame, obtained with the processes of personal research perfected over many years of work in the darkroom.